Adding characters to the roster....

by Hagdrisil, 271 days ago

First off, make some time for this it is a bit of a long process.....

How to add a character to the clan roster:

Part 1: Set up your character in your profile....
1 - add game (Blade And Soul)
2 - with game added in its box.. add character
3 - fill out the details you like (note soul fighter is not in the list of classes for Gon)
(FYI: we are either on the Mushin or on the Old Man Cho servers)

Part 2: Add character to clan
1 - from home clan home page, select guild roster and then characters
2 - click add characters button on right side of screen
3 - click unclaimed
4 - after page refresh find the character you want to add to the clan and click on add character to guild site
5 - after page refresh, scroll down and click the "Add unclaimed" button
6 - click guild roster and select characters
7 - after page refresh .... (last step I promise!) ... find the character you just added and click "claim!" then after refresh click "YES this is me!"

(optional) 8 - swear allot at this process taking so long!

- Hag (aka Hya)

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Guild News

Building our central portal for information

by Hagdrisil, 278 days ago


Welcome to the out-of-game home of The White Hand!

A week or so ago, as we gained a number of new members to the guild it was mentioned that scheduled dungeon runs should become a thing we do during the week. A suggestion of creating a series of events on Facebook was suggested.... though this has one issue... not everyone within our group uses Facebook.

After some evaluation, myself and L'sai chose the proactive route to build a community site to centralize the calendar and have a user definable wiki, and news feed... with the additional bonus of the forums for discussing all manner of topics.

Look around and get a feel for the way this works. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, its why we built the site. 

-Hag (aka Hya)

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